Of Libraries and the Internet

I recently just read Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” and there was a scene there that really got to me that I wish to share with everybody.

I will narrate this with the least bit of spoilers as I could, because perhaps there are still some of you that have not read the book (I know I read it late too).

So, the main characters were being chased and as they were, they had to solve a code. Upon realizing how they could do just that, the main character, Robert Langdon, wanted to go to a library in order to solve the puzzle. However, he was stopped by Katherine Solomon, as she suggested that they just boot up a computer and search the Internet for whatever it was that Robert Langdon needed to see in a library.

The book continued to describe how Langdon was saddened by the idea, since he knew that the discovery would have been more fulfilling if it was done in the actual location. But given that they were being pursued and that indeed it was more practical to just use the Internet, he gave in to the idea.

I felt a mix of emotions reading this particular scene in the book. First, I was reading a book that somehow was brave enough to point out the current reality — that there is a silent feud between libraries and books against the Internet. Second, it perhaps showed that libraries are now more on the sentimental, while the Internet showcases practicality.

Why am I sharing this? Well, because I do not want to lose hope on actual libraries and actual books. I do not want to give up advocating that people should love books more than they should love their AT&T Phones with e-books.

I know this is a difficult advocacy on my own, that is why I wish that all book lovers out there would unite and campaign for books rather than what the Internet provides. I am not trying to pick a fight about which mode of communication and data gathering is better. I know that the Internet has been nothing but helpful in easing the lives of people. What I want is just for people to not forget the experience that a real book can give. It will always be incomparable to anything else and it will always have a beauty of its own.

The campaign does not need to be aggressive. Just merely encouraging your family, friends and children to prefer libraries and books is already an enough fight.

Leaving My Books In Oxford

Moving Out Of Oxford real Estate
Image Credit: mgeisler.net

I have a heart for old books. Whenever I am in a flea market, my route is always to the stalls of second-hand books. I love how I can buy a dozen without feeling guilty of the cost. It’s quite reasonable to hoard because of a good price. But my alternate reasons for hoarding books are vague. I can’t exactly tell why I like the scent of the yellow-tinged pages. I have this strange anticipation of finding many things tucked into used books. These can be bookmarkers, letters, handwritten dedications or even plane tickets from the previous owners. It amuses me to find small anonymities that have become part of a book’s personal history.

Over the years, I have collected used books and new copies which are good to fill in the two high shelves of my living room. I have created a mini-library that I’ve always wanted. But Now, that I’m staging my home for sale I have to let go most of my books and the things that are no longer essential to me. It has been a sentimental week for me.

I decided to donate my books to a local library. I know that this would be a lot more beneficial than throwing the books away or worse, burning them. I just chose a few favorites that I would bring with me, and proceeded to donating them.

As for my home, I have recently enlisted the services of a real estate agent to help me sell the house within this month. The agent happens to be my friend who has been working in the best realtor firm in Oxford, Alabama. He had my home included in the MLS Listing for homes for Sale in Oxford AL. He also advised me to stage my home if I want to it to be sold in record time. I have to do my homework of sprucing it up to make an excellent impression to potential buyers. I am a frugal person so I don’t want to shell out thousands of money in home-staging.

This recent weekend, my kind neighbor who is living next to mine willingly offered to help me in some do-it-yourself projects. He is a divorced man and he has two teen kids. His kids also helped me in the painting works and in cleaning of the front yard. I saw ingenuity in them. They are happy kids who seemed not be affected by the idea of a dysfunctional home. Staging my home was done a whole lot easier because of this family. I have considered them as good friends ever since I started living here in Oxford. Leaving them behind will not be too easy.

I have considered Oxford as my home for the past seven years. Leaving this place, the people and the community is like ending a relationship. A wide range of emotions are often involved in it.

Through the help of my friend, the real estate agent in Oxford, I’m glad my house was sold this morning. From the beginning, he told me to detach myself from my home. And that it would be better if I look at my home as a merchandise to be sold. It was a sensible advice from a friend. It could somehow make my days easier.

I realized that moving on a new place is about seeing the positive things and embracing a new beginning. I knew I had been a nice neighbor and left some traces of good memories just like the little notes and bookmark tucked in an old used book.

Oxford is a great place to live in and even when I am leaving, it’s not because of any problems with the place. It’s a personal choice for self-fulfillment. If you, on the other hand, would want to try and find your happiness in Oxford, you can check out this MLS Listing info.

Protect Your Books From Flooding

Protecting books from flooding
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At the beginning of this year, I decided to move from New York to Alabama for job-related reasons. While the reason for my transfer is because of my job, I feel glad that it was in Alabama that I would be moving into. I actually spent my younger years in Birmingham and nothing would be happier than the chance to go back and meet up with old friends.

I would especially want to meet up with my dear friend Jon. Although we still communicate when we could, it would still be awesome to surprise him. He owns a website called MyWebPal and it has been my go-to website whenever I find myself in tough situations, as it offers a variety of possible problems that people would encounter in a day.

I wanted to leave everything behind in my apartment except for my clothes and my books. I seemed to have a separation anxiety when it comes to my collected books. I packed them into 8 boxes and had them shipped to my new place.

People consider a book as a tool for reading. But for me, it is more than that. I love books for many weird reasons. When I usually open a new book, I smell its covers and feel its textures. I am one of those bibliophiles who much prefer those old, musty, printed pages than those electronic books brought by touchscreen technology. I also view a book as an addition to the aesthetic details of a home. Everywhere in the house there’s a book strategically placed. I put books in my open cupboard in the kitchen. I have vintage books set as centerpiece in my living room. I think it’s making a space more pretty and homey.

There are noted evidences of my passion for hoarding books. Many times I’ve chosen to spend my money on an expensive rare book than shopping for a new pair of shoes. The second-hand book stalls are my favorite haven. I feel giddy every time I could glimpse on a store filled with used books from anonymous past readers. I also want to travel abroad and see the homes of my favorite classic authors. I just want to stalk and maybe peek on the workspace where they had spent the days writing a book.

I learned to love books when I was still in the 2nd grade. I spent most of my free time in a school library in Birmingham. I was reading Enid Blyton books while most of the kids are out playing in the field. Our school library was old but I loved spending my time there. I fantasized of having a home that would look exactly like a library.

When I got to Birmingham, I actually took the time to visit our old library. The friendly librarian was still there but the place no longer looked the same. The books were already gone and the place was in a huge mess. The librarian informed me that the library was being transferred to the new building because the place had been experiencing water flooding every time there’s heavy rain. I felt sad about what happened. Then I found myself reminiscing with her my days in the old library as a kid. Before I left her, she handed me a few old discarded books of my favorite authors. I left the old school filled with glee and nostalgia.

A sudden feeling of heroism rushed through me and I decided to contact Jon and tell him about the situation of the library. He said that there was not much to be done about the old library, but instead, he has helped in ensuring that the new one will be as homey and comfortable as the old one, but this time, it would be better protected from flooding and other forms of water damage. Believing Jon, I accepted the fate of the library. I was just thankful that I got the chance to see it before it was closed for good.

I can’t imagine my life without books. Reading stories makes us fall in love, devastated with endings or it teaches us life’s lessons. But I have my foremost reason why I love books. Spending time with a good book helps me escape from the madness of everyday life.


Kitchen Remodeling Company in Anniston AL Provided a Wizard Themed Kitchen for Display

Harry Potter like Kitchen by the Kitchen Remodeling Company in Anniston AL is Astonishing

Good day everyone and first of all, thanks for being able to read my blog again. It has been about a month since my last post so I would just like to say I appreciate all of you to come and check my most recent activity.

I was actually going to the library just this Tuesday to read some of my favorite book series, which is no other than Harry Potter. I bumped into a very interesting display of kitchen designs in our local park. It was composed of a lot of companies but was hosted by –

(888) 907-5667

Harry Potter like Kitchen by the Kitchen Remodeling Company in Anniston AL is Astonishing
Credit Image: pl.harrypotter.wikia.com

At first glance, you will really notice the wizardly themed kitchen along with other typical ones. Then I actually ventured some more and asked what was really going on. One of the usherettes informed me that it was a competition for the most elegant or unique kitchen remodel designs. But the one I’ve noticed that was really cool was none other than the wizardry one. It was just outstanding and extremely creative, it was by a kitchen remodeling company in Anniston Al namely C-Mac Plumbing. I think they will surely win because of it.

It was also very magical and will really attract book lovers who have already read Harry Potter books or watched its award-winning movies. Everyone really enjoyed and had a great time checking out the wooden table and chairs along with its old yet classical cabinets.

Whoever was the mastermind of that kitchen theme is undeniably a genius. The opponents have no chance if it is just about creativity and originality, all of them are just having the same typical modern, or classical Greek style kitchen.

Well, I didn’t stay very long at the park to know who will win because it might take too long. But I will bet $100 that the wizard-themed kitchen will win it.

I continued to go to the library and read the 3rd book which was “HP – Prisoner of Azkaban” and had a great time. I then had the idea that maybe the designer was a wizard or a witch so I chuckled a bit while reading inside the library… Oh, how I wish that I was able to read this book while sitting on one of those chairs at the park.

I think its theme will boost my imagination and might even create a lucid imagination of the entire story, just like watching a movie.

So that was my day today and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Cheers and I continue to read because reading will always keep you thinking. Giving you a healthy mind!

The Birmingham SEO who has a Love Affair with Books

The Birmingham SEO who has a Love Affair with Books

There is nothing like spending the afternoon in a good book. It really does not matter what you are reading. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Just as long as you are enjoying it. That is what really matters. I myself, am a lover of all kinds of books. Throughout the years, I have read so many different types of books. Some being horrible. While some have surprised me. There have been many books that I thought I would hate, that I ended up enjoying. It is always those books that I fall in love with the most. I guess just the surprise factor of it. It is always nice to find a hidden gem. What a great feeling huh?

Well, something that I have been interested about recently has been Google. Recently I saw this guy with an SEO book in his hands. I had been studying up on some Google terms and this was one that I came across me one time. So I asked him where found that book. He then told me that it was still a work in progress. He was writing a book to try and help others out there learn more about SEO. I knew at that moment that I had found just the person I needed to talk to. I knew he could be the person to teach, guide, and direct me in learning this new skill. He was a busy he told me so we met up later one afternoon for a cup of coffee. He is the very best Birmingham SEO!

This Birmingham SEO had all these ideas and then some!

I could not wait to speak with Adam and just get to pick his brain about what I have learned myself of the subject. Well, that day finally came and he pulled out his laptop to show me all I wanted to know. He was showing me different sites, Google rankings, and keyword research. I have to admit he blew my mind. He was so smart with the field. He had been doing this for many years he told me. We spent the whole afternoon talking. I feel like I learned all I needed to know. I see why he stayed so busy and had so many clients.

Then a few weeks later I ran into BHM SEO (205) 386-0156. He knew his stuff for sure. He still was not as knowledgeable as Adam. He had good ideas and strategies. Adam was just ahead of him in all areas. If I had to pick a good number 2. Then it would have to be BHM.

Owning the Home of Your Dreams

Image Credit: yourlery.com
Image Credit: yourlery.com

My husband promised me that by the end of the year, we can move back to Anniston and live there for good. I was very happy with this news because I really loved to go back to my hometown. And since I am as excited as I could be, I asked him if I could go ahead and check out for vacant apartment buildings in Anniston where we could move in to, come the right time. He said yes, and so I went and searched.

I want to live in an apartment because it is a convenient place to live in, as long as it is in a quiet and safe neighborhood. After all, it’s just me and him right now. We are still quite young and we decided to hold off on the kids until I was ready. So, I want a simple home that has a spare room for when the time comes that we did have a child. I also want to be green in the sense that it should be filled with flowers and trees and bushes and all that garden stuff, but only as little ornaments around the apartment. I am not a green thumb but I love plants. Having a good garden would have been lovely but since I do not have the talent for it, I can settle for tiny plants in pots for our apartment.

As I was scouting an area in Anniston that I am familiar with, I saw an apartment that I deem would be just right for me and my husband. Something more lovely was the fact that it was near a public library.

Another thing I love most more than anything are books. They make up half my life, collecting and reading and reliving them in my mind. Books are a fun way to play with ones imagination as well as learn a lot of things.

I am a certified bookworm and when the time comes, I want my son or daughter to be a book lover too. The apartment I saw would be perfect for that goal. The library is only a few meters away, and my future child or children could easily walk towards it. the neighborhood is also very welcoming and people have been very warm and friendly even when I was still scouting the area for a possible apartment to live in.

I immediately contacted the owner and we met up to discuss the terms of the house. I was pleased that it was in our budget range, and so I asked if I could see what’s inside.

After the tour, we talked and I agreed to his terms as long as he would also make sure that the areas where some problems were seen would be fixed by the time we moved in.

Now we are living in the apartment and we are never leaving this place ever again.


Why Read Books?

Image Credit: giveagradago.com
Image Credit: giveagradago.com

When was the last time you had a book in your hand while sitting comfortably in your reading chair? When was the last time you visited a library, just for the pleasure of reading a good book, and not because you have a research to do?

Maybe you just forgot how important it is to have a good read, every now and then. I shall remind you of why it is important to keep on reading, despite your hectic schedule. And, if you have never loved reading books in the first place, then hopefully, the following reasons will be good enough for you to start reading.

Mental Stimulation

If you ever found yourself taking it longer to comprehend things, and if you’re imagination has begun to dwindle, then this is because you have been reading fewer books. If you do not know yet, reading books stimulates the mind. As a result, you will become quicker and more skilled in imagining things that needed to be achieved. In the long run, reading books can help you prevent memory loss and diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This is because when you keep on reading a good book, then your mind will never have a dull moment. Thus, it will remain sharp and it will continue to function even as you age.

Also, do not ever think that reading thousands of Facebook Updates and Tweets is enough reading for mental stimulation. As I said, GOOD reading is the key, and good reads in social media are very difficult to come by. A classic book is always better.

Stress Reduction

Just reading a good book will let you get off your worries for the day, thus, erasing the negative vibes and stress of whatever problems you may have. The happy thoughts that could come out from good reading will always be an effective means to remember that there could be so much worse things. It could remind you that you are blessed, and it could remind you that things will sooner take a happier turn and that you should just stay stressed free in order to attract the happy vibes.


Of course, books are for knowing a lot of things, or for remembering the things that you might have forgotten. No matter the genre of the book you are reading, somewhere along those lines and pages is a new food for your thought that you might just use someday.


In relation to gaining more knowledge is learning new words. Increasing vocabulary does not only mean the English language, although this could make the vast majority. There are also chances of learning simple phrases from different languages, and who would not want to speak a little Spanish or French every once in a while?

There are plenty more benefits for book reading, if you want to find out more, find out for yourself and start reading a good book now.

Bookworm Diaries: How I Came to Love Books and Reading

Image Credit: usborne.com
Image Credit: usborne.com

I was not the prettiest in class, nor was I tall, academically excellent, or anything extraordinary. I was, average.

And maybe, I was not meant to be as insecure as those made to feel that they were even lower than average. However, I did feel an insecurity that I masked through showing a tougher exterior. Where did I get the tough exterior?

From the many books I have read as my childhood made a wonderful roller coaster journey.

When I first got hold of my first set of fairy tale books that my dad gave me, when I turned the first page of The Emperor’s New Clothes, I remember fairly well how a peasant boy was able to make a fool out of even the most powerful person in their land.

Fairy tales made me believe that life is full of possibilities. It taught me a lot of moral lessons too, which I live by up to today. Respecting the elders, Believing in the goodness of people, and never giving up on your dreams.

My parents saw my love for my books and they fully supported my passion. My father started buying me books, and what started out as a set of books, turned into an entire wall of books, ranging from fairy tales to Goosebumps, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and many more. I had my own mini-library in my very own room.

Up to this day, I continue to be passionate about books and I plan to pass this passion to my children. I also wish that other parents would do the same.

Books are important in a child’s life because they are a means of escape from reality. They bring a certain level of happiness to readers, because the ending is always a happy one. They will give your children comfort that at the end of every story, is a good and happy ending. I know this for a fact because this comfort is what got me through my life.

When I got comforted by the stories I read, I started being more excellent in school. I got better grades and I became more socially confident. The notion that bookworms are anti-social people are not that true, if you choose it to not be true. Meaning, instead of imprisoning myself in other realities that the books have to offer, I used those alternate stories in order to improve myself in the real world. Their stories became my inspiration to become a better person, not just for my parents and for everybody that supports me, but most especially for myself.

Books are gifts that should be treasured. Make sure you do not let the importance of books die, especially now when everything has become so hi-tech.