Leaving My Books In Oxford

I have a heart for old books. Whenever I am in a flea market, my route is always to the stalls of second-hand books. I love how I can buy a dozen without feeling guilty of the cost. It’s quite reasonable to hoard because of a good price. But my alternate reasons for hoarding books are vague. I can’t exactly… More →

Protect Your Books From Flooding

At the beginning of this year, I decided to move from New York to Alabama for job-related reasons. While the reason for my transfer is because of my job, I feel glad that it was in Alabama that I would be moving into. I actually spent my younger years in Birmingham and nothing would be happier than the chance to go… More →

Owning the Home of Your Dreams

My husband promised me that by the end of the year, we can move back to Anniston and live there for good. I was very happy with this news because I really loved to go back to my hometown. And since I am as excited as I could be, I asked him if I could go ahead and check out… More →