Bookworm Diaries: How I Came to Love Books and Reading

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I was not the prettiest in class, nor was I tall, academically excellent, or anything extraordinary. I was, average.

And maybe, I was not meant to be as insecure as those made to feel that they were even lower than average. However, I did feel an insecurity that I masked through showing a tougher exterior. Where did I get the tough exterior?

From the many books I have read as my childhood made a wonderful roller coaster journey.

When I first got hold of my first set of fairy tale books that my dad gave me, when I turned the first page of The Emperor’s New Clothes, I remember fairly well how a peasant boy was able to make a fool out of even the most powerful person in their land.

Fairy tales made me believe that life is full of possibilities. It taught me a lot of moral lessons too, which I live by up to today. Respecting the elders, Believing in the goodness of people, and never giving up on your dreams.

My parents saw my love for my books and they fully supported my passion. My father started buying me books, and what started out as a set of books, turned into an entire wall of books, ranging from fairy tales to Goosebumps, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and many more. I had my own mini-library in my very own room.

Up to this day, I continue to be passionate about books and I plan to pass this passion to my children. I also wish that other parents would do the same.

Books are important in a child’s life because they are a means of escape from reality. They bring a certain level of happiness to readers, because the ending is always a happy one. They will give your children comfort that at the end of every story, is a good and happy ending. I know this for a fact because this comfort is what got me through my life.

When I got comforted by the stories I read, I started being more excellent in school. I got better grades and I became more socially confident. The notion that bookworms are anti-social people are not that true, if you choose it to not be true. Meaning, instead of imprisoning myself in other realities that the books have to offer, I used those alternate stories in order to improve myself in the real world. Their stories became my inspiration to become a better person, not just for my parents and for everybody that supports me, but most especially for myself.

Books are gifts that should be treasured. Make sure you do not let the importance of books die, especially now when everything has become so hi-tech.