Leaving My Books In Oxford

Moving Out Of Oxford real Estate
Image Credit: mgeisler.net

I have a heart for old books. Whenever I am in a flea market, my route is always to the stalls of second-hand books. I love how I can buy a dozen without feeling guilty of the cost. It’s quite reasonable to hoard because of a good price. But my alternate reasons for hoarding books are vague. I can’t exactly tell why I like the scent of the yellow-tinged pages. I have this strange anticipation of finding many things tucked into used books. These can be bookmarkers, letters, handwritten dedications or even plane tickets from the previous owners. It amuses me to find small anonymities that have become part of a book’s personal history.

Over the years, I have collected used books and new copies which are good to fill in the two high shelves of my living room. I have created a mini-library that I’ve always wanted. But Now, that I’m staging my home for sale I have to let go most of my books and the things that are no longer essential to me. It has been a sentimental week for me.

I decided to donate my books to a local library. I know that this would be a lot more beneficial than throwing the books away or worse, burning them. I just chose a few favorites that I would bring with me, and proceeded to donating them.

As for my home, I have recently enlisted the services of a real estate agent to help me sell the house within this month. The agent happens to be my friend who has been working in the best realtor firm in Oxford, Alabama. He had my home included in the MLS Listing for homes for Sale in Oxford AL. He also advised me to stage my home if I want to it to be sold in record time. I have to do my homework of sprucing it up to make an excellent impression to potential buyers. I am a frugal person so I don’t want to shell out thousands of money in home-staging.

This recent weekend, my kind neighbor who is living next to mine willingly offered to help me in some do-it-yourself projects. He is a divorced man and he has two teen kids. His kids also helped me in the painting works and in cleaning of the front yard. I saw ingenuity in them. They are happy kids who seemed not be affected by the idea of a dysfunctional home. Staging my home was done a whole lot easier because of this family. I have considered them as good friends ever since I started living here in Oxford. Leaving them behind will not be too easy.

I have considered Oxford as my home for the past seven years. Leaving this place, the people and the community is like ending a relationship. A wide range of emotions are often involved in it.

Through the help of my friend, the real estate agent in Oxford, I’m glad my house was sold this morning. From the beginning, he told me to detach myself from my home. And that it would be better if I look at my home as a merchandise to be sold. It was a sensible advice from a friend. It could somehow make my days easier.

I realized that moving on a new place is about seeing the positive things and embracing a new beginning. I knew I had been a nice neighbor and left some traces of good memories just like the little notes and bookmark tucked in an old used book.

Oxford is a great place to live in and even when I am leaving, it’s not because of any problems with the place. It’s a personal choice for self-fulfillment. If you, on the other hand, would want to try and find your happiness in Oxford, you can check out this MLS Listing info.