Owning the Home of Your Dreams

Image Credit: yourlery.com
Image Credit: yourlery.com

My husband promised me that by the end of the year, we can move back to Anniston and live there for good. I was very happy with this news because I really loved to go back to my hometown. And since I am as excited as I could be, I asked him if I could go ahead and check out for vacant apartment buildings in Anniston where we could move in to, come the right time. He said yes, and so I went and searched.

I want to live in an apartment because it is a convenient place to live in, as long as it is in a quiet and safe neighborhood. After all, it’s just me and him right now. We are still quite young and we decided to hold off on the kids until I was ready. So, I want a simple home that has a spare room for when the time comes that we did have a child. I also want to be green in the sense that it should be filled with flowers and trees and bushes and all that garden stuff, but only as little ornaments around the apartment. I am not a green thumb but I love plants. Having a good garden would have been lovely but since I do not have the talent for it, I can settle for tiny plants in pots for our apartment.

As I was scouting an area in Anniston that I am familiar with, I saw an apartment that I deem would be just right for me and my husband. Something more lovely was the fact that it was near a public library.

Another thing I love most more than anything are books. They make up half my life, collecting and reading and reliving them in my mind. Books are a fun way to play with ones imagination as well as learn a lot of things.

I am a certified bookworm and when the time comes, I want my son or daughter to be a book lover too. The apartment I saw would be perfect for that goal. The library is only a few meters away, and my future child or children could easily walk towards it. the neighborhood is also very welcoming and people have been very warm and friendly even when I was still scouting the area for a possible apartment to live in.

I immediately contacted the owner and we met up to discuss the terms of the house. I was pleased that it was in our budget range, and so I asked if I could see what’s inside.

After the tour, we talked and I agreed to his terms as long as he would also make sure that the areas where some problems were seen would be fixed by the time we moved in.

Now we are living in the apartment and we are never leaving this place ever again.