Why Read Books?

Image Credit: giveagradago.com
Image Credit: giveagradago.com

When was the last time you had a book in your hand while sitting comfortably in your reading chair? When was the last time you visited a library, just for the pleasure of reading a good book, and not because you have a research to do?

Maybe you just forgot how important it is to have a good read, every now and then. I shall remind you of why it is important to keep on reading, despite your hectic schedule. And, if you have never loved reading books in the first place, then hopefully, the following reasons will be good enough for you to start reading.

Mental Stimulation

If you ever found yourself taking it longer to comprehend things, and if you’re imagination has begun to dwindle, then this is because you have been reading fewer books. If you do not know yet, reading books stimulates the mind. As a result, you will become quicker and more skilled in imagining things that needed to be achieved. In the long run, reading books can help you prevent memory loss and diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This is because when you keep on reading a good book, then your mind will never have a dull moment. Thus, it will remain sharp and it will continue to function even as you age.

Also, do not ever think that reading thousands of Facebook Updates and Tweets is enough reading for mental stimulation. As I said, GOOD reading is the key, and good reads in social media are very difficult to come by. A classic book is always better.

Stress Reduction

Just reading a good book will let you get off your worries for the day, thus, erasing the negative vibes and stress of whatever problems you may have. The happy thoughts that could come out from good reading will always be an effective means to remember that there could be so much worse things. It could remind you that you are blessed, and it could remind you that things will sooner take a happier turn and that you should just stay stressed free in order to attract the happy vibes.


Of course, books are for knowing a lot of things, or for remembering the things that you might have forgotten. No matter the genre of the book you are reading, somewhere along those lines and pages is a new food for your thought that you might just use someday.


In relation to gaining more knowledge is learning new words. Increasing vocabulary does not only mean the English language, although this could make the vast majority. There are also chances of learning simple phrases from different languages, and who would not want to speak a little Spanish or French every once in a while?

There are plenty more benefits for book reading, if you want to find out more, find out for yourself and start reading a good book now.