The Birmingham SEO who has a Love Affair with Books

The Birmingham SEO who has a Love Affair with Books

There is nothing like spending the afternoon in a good book. It really does not matter what you are reading. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Just as long as you are enjoying it. That is what really matters. I myself, am a lover of all kinds of books. Throughout the years, I have read so many different types of books. Some being horrible. While some have surprised me. There have been many books that I thought I would hate, that I ended up enjoying. It is always those books that I fall in love with the most. I guess just the surprise factor of it. It is always nice to find a hidden gem. What a great feeling huh?

Well, something that I have been interested about recently has been Google. Recently I saw this guy with anĀ SEO book in his hands. I had been studying up on some Google terms and this was one that I came across me one time. So I asked him where found that book. He then told me that it was still a work in progress. He was writing a book to try and help others out there learn more about SEO. I knew at that moment that I had found just the person I needed to talk to. I knew he could be the person to teach, guide, and direct me in learning this new skill. He was a busy he told me so we met up later one afternoon for a cup of coffee. He is the very best Birmingham SEO!

This Birmingham SEO had all these ideas and then some!

I could not wait to speak with Adam and just get to pick his brain about what I have learned myself of the subject. Well, that day finally came and he pulled out his laptop to show me all I wanted to know. He was showing me different sites, Google rankings, and keyword research. I have to admit he blew my mind. He was so smart with the field. He had been doing this for many years he told me. We spent the whole afternoon talking. I feel like I learned all I needed to know. I see why he stayed so busy and had so many clients.

Then a few weeks later I ran into BHM SEO (205) 386-0156. He knew his stuff for sure. He still was not as knowledgeable as Adam. He had good ideas and strategies. Adam was just ahead of him in all areas. If I had to pick a good number 2. Then it would have to be BHM.